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THE SNOW QUEEN has been doing so well at The Triad Theatre that it's being extended for four more weekends. At the end of the present run, next Sunday August 1, it will reopen two weeks later on August 15, and play four more Sundays at 12 noon until September 5th.

Freely adapted from the famous story by Hans Christian Andersen, THE SNOW QUEEN, a one-act musical (for children and adults), was first seen in New York nine years ago, and was described by Dulcie Leimbach of The New York Times as "Solid quirky Andersen — Musical comedy loyal to the original story, with many riveting characters and much humor." Last Friday July 23rd in The New York Times Laurel Graeber described this first revival as "Hilarious – an icy summer treat!"

The music and lyrics are by Bill Solly, who also wrote the book with Donald Ward. Together, they are best-known as the authors of THE GREAT AMERICAN BACKSTAGE MUSICAL and many other Off Broadway shows.

The story of THE SNOW QUEEN concerns a magic mirror which distorts everything it reflects, and what happens when the mirror gets smashed. Characters include Gerda and Kai, two children who play together in a rooftop garden of roses, until one of them is kidnapped and the other must set off on a lifetime of searching. Also there’s a mischievous old lady with a garden of talkative flowers, a pair of royal newlyweds, two wicked goblins, a gossipy raven, the disreputable inhabitants of a robbers’ castle, and the mysterious Snow Queen herself in her palace of ice.

The cast of seven includes Katy Frame and Stephen Weston as Gerda and Kai, Nathan Anderson as the Goblin and the Raven, Rebecca Stavis as the Old Lady and the Little Robber Girl, Marc Tumminelli as the Narrator and the Prince, Rebecca Halpin as the Princess and three other characters (!), and Jessica Calvello as both theRose and the Snow Queen.

Costumes are by Alan Michael Smith, musical direction is by Barbara J. Anselmi, and the director is Igor Goldin.

Bill Solly’s previous credits as a producer include many musicals for children including THE CAT IN THE CASTLE, THE THREE MAGIC MUSHROOMS, THE TRAVELING TREE, THE SLEEPING BEAUTY MUSICAL, THE STORY OF MILLICENT, two Christmas musicals and MOTHER GOOSE.